The company’s environmental policy is based on the following actions:

  1. -Sustainable effort to reduce the adverse impact of the company’s activities in the environment.
  2. -To fully apply the relevant Greek and community legislation and other requirements.
  3. -To make controls of the process and the manufacturing means in order to ensure the effectiveness of environmental protection measures.
  4. -The design and operation of the facilities take into account the minimization of environmental impacts and the energy efficiency with a view to saving natural resources.
  5. -To adapt the production process to new scientific and technological data, aimed at reducing environmental impacts.
  6. -To make sure to keep the education, training and motivation of staff working on behalf of the company to increase its environmental sensitivity and responsibility.
  7. -Annual assessment of the situation and progress made and setting of new targets each time, so that there is a continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  8. -Switching information with the social environment in a spirit of honest dialogue and mutual respect.
  9. -Proposal for the promotion and adoption of the company’s environmental policy by its contractors, suppliers and associates.
  10. -Promoting and encouraging the exchange of environmental knowledge and experience of the company with the state and local authorities in order to achieve the best possible result for society.
  11. -Participation of the company in the effort to protect the environment paid by public institutions, local and regional authorities and social and scientific bodies.
  12. -Investment of the company in the definition of sectoral targets and the establishment of national and European standards for the industry.

  Practical respect for the environment and recognition of entrepreneurial responsibility for preserving nature’s balance are an established tradition for decades in METE. S.A. Taking advantage of technological developments, along with the development of environmental protection techniques and the adoption of rigorous measures and internal rules of operation, has led to a standard environmental management that is constantly evolving and upgrading to the company.

   Years of effort have been needed to consolidate ecological sensitivity and consistency throughout the workers’ pyramid so that environmental care is preconditioned and a regulatory factor in every major business decision and activity of the company.It is obvious that the establishment and adoption of environmental policy are not enough to be effective. Long and coordinated efforts, consistent and continuous, are needed to achieve concrete and significant improvements. These efforts begin with the design and development of new investments not only to save energy and natural resources and to comply with legislation, but also to avoid waste and, if this is not possible, to ensure their safe and responsible disposal.

   In the Lignite mines-Quarries, the company operates, integrated, systematic and studied landscape restorations not only after the discharge of the Lignite mine-Quarry, but already during the exploitation, according to the mining science rules, the legal requirements, the studies environmental impacts, associated permits and in full accordance with the ecosystem of each area.

  Special mention should be made of the company’s activity in tree planting and landscaping in the Lignite mines.Indicatively, it is reported that over the last fifteen years the company has proven its sensitivity in the field of the Environment when the company:
-invested more than € 1.5 million in measures to protect and restore the environment in its lignite mines
-approached the planting of more than 170,000 seedlings
In addition, the company, in the pursuit of its continuous improvement in the field of environmental protection, has developed a specialized team for:
-the monitoring of environmental issues
-the communication with the local communities in the areas in which it operates.