Continuous effort to reduce the adverse impact of the Company’s activities on the environment.
– Full application of the relevant Greek and Community legislation and other requirements.
– Controls of the production means and the processes in order to ensure the effectiveness of environmental protection measures.
– The design and operation of the facilities take into account the minimization of environmental impacts and energy efficiency with a view to saving natural resources.
– Adaptation of the production process to new scientific and technological data, aimed at reducing environmental impacts.
– Ensuring continuous education, training and motivation of staff working on behalf of the Company to increase its environmental sensitivity and responsibility.
– Annual assessment of the situation and progress made and setting of new targets each time, so that there is a continuous improvement in the environmental performance.
– Exchange of information with the social environment in a spirit of honest dialogue and mutual respect.
– Pursuing promotion and adoption of the Company’s environmental policy by its contractors, suppliers and associates.
– Promoting and encouraging the exchange of environmental knowledge and experience of the Company with the state, local authorities, etc., in order to achieve the best possible result for society.
– Participation of the Company in the effort made for the protection of the environment by public institutions, local and regional authorities and social and scientific bodies.
– Participation of the Company in the definition of sectoral targets and the establishment of national and European standards for the industry.