The Company M.E.TE. S.A. is engaged, except from its other activities, in the production and supply of lignite. Objective of the Company is to be distinguished by the production of products of high quality at competitive prices, which guarantee that the needs of its clients are fully met.  As means for the achievement of the aforementioned objective, the Company developed and implemented an appropriate for its size and activities Quality System for the production and supply of lignite, which has been designed on the following guidelines:
-To be the basis for a better organization and operation of the Company and not only to cover the minimum requirements of the standard ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015.
-To improve the quality and reduce the cost of the products produced.
-To guarantee the satisfaction of the clients by the production and supply of products with the right quality and at competitive prices.

-To guarantee the best use of its mechanical equipment.
-To guarantee the continuous training of its personnel.

    Through the documents of the Quality System, the requirements of the relevant to lignite reference documents have been incorporated in the operation of the Company, such as:
-The current legislation and regulations.
-The relevant European, Greek and international standards.
-The requirements of the parties concerned.

    The Quality System is extended to all the participants in the production and supply of the products (personnel, equipment, material) including all kind of partners (suppliers and subcontractors). Within this context the Management of the Company considers as necessary and is bound to support the implementation of the Quality System, which will be reviewed and improved when needed. The compliance with the Quality System is obligatory for all, for all activities and in all Mines where the Company extends this System.