The Policy of the Company for H.S.W. is based on the following principals:
– Compliance with the requirements of the legislation for H.S.W.
– Continuous training, education and motivation of personnel on H.S.W. issues
– Ensuring financial and other resources for the implementation and continuous improvement of the H.S.W.M.S. implemented by the Company.
– Established and documented communication with the Company’s personnel on H.S.W. issues
– Information and raising awareness on H.S.W. issues, of suppliers, subcontractors, clients and partners.
– Design and operation of the facilities taking under consideration the protection of Health and Safety of employees.
– Ensuring the best H.S.W. conditions that can be achieved by the available technical and financial resources.
– Prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases.
– Recognition, evaluation and minimization of H.S.W. risks related to the activities of the Company.
– Participation of employees in the procedure of search of effective methods for the recognition, evaluation and eradication or reduction of risks at work at an acceptable level.
– Adjustment and compliance of the H.S.W.M.S. in case of changes in the organization, procedures, processes, facilities, personnel and equipment.
– Cooperation with the Authorities, the competent state actors and organizations for the improvement of H.S.W..
– Investigation of incidents and drawing conclusion for the evaluation and improvement of the performance of the Company regarding H.S.W..
– Conduct of regular inspections and audits of H.S.W. implementing an established procedure.
– Establishment of clear and measurable objectives regarding H.S.W. and evaluation of the performance of the Company, aiming to continuous improvement.