Company at a Glance


Company background

METE SA,  “Mining, Technical  Trade S.A.”  is a Greek company based in Florina, which was founded in 1986 by the late Georgios K. Messinis (mining and metallurgical engineer).   The company has two branches, one in Chalandri, Athens and one in Prosilio, in the Prefecture of Kozani. All company shares are held by members of Stamatoula Messini’s family.

METE SA, has focused primarily on the operation of lignite mines since it’s foundation, and has great experience and expertise in carrying out the work required to succeed this, such as prospecting, studying, planning, excavating, extracting and processing lignite in its own or third-party mines. It is one of the largest private companies in Greece and has proven it knows how to operate lignite mines effectively.

METE SA has been certified by TUV Austria in accordance with: EN ISO 9001:2008 concerning the planning, extraction, crushing, sorting and disposal of lignite deposits; EN ISO 14001:2004 concerning its environmental management system; and OHSAS 18001:2007/ELOT 1801:2008 concerning its health and safety at work management system.

The members of the company’s board of directors are as follows:

Konstantinos Messinis, chairman & CEO

Andreas Messinis, vice-chairman

Georgios Tzalamarias, general manager and director

Charalambos Michopoulos, director

Alexandra Kouli, director

Overview of the company’s operations

The company has engaged in the operation of lignite mines since 1986 and has, so far, successfully implemented more than 15 projects involving the extracting of more than 19 million tons of lignite with a total turnover of more than  270 million EUROS. Today, it is one of the largest private lignite mine operators in Greece, with extensive experience in the field.

Lignite is one of Greece’s national resources and is used primarily to generate electricity. This is why, in addition to its proven ability and the quality of operations, the company operates a state-of-the-art chemical laboratory at its privately-owned facilities in the Prefecture of Kozani, which is provided with the specialised and calibrated equipment necessary for carrying out quality control on lignite, and has state-of-the-art samplers at the processing facilities, which are certified in accordance with ΙSΟ 1988:1975 for lignite sampling.

The lignite produced needs to undergo quality control to maximize the exploitation of the lignite deposits (part of national mineral resources). No such controls are carried out by any other lignite mining company, except  “P.P.C” (Public Power Corporation) and the general mining and metallurgical company, “LARCO”.

The primary goals for any project undertaken by the company include timely, effective and efficient implementation, safety of operations and production optimisation at all stages, with respect for the environment and social responsibility. The company’s social responsibility is now recognised in the prefectures of Florina and Kozani, as the company has contributed in many ways towards improving living conditions in the areas where it has carried out its operations for 30 years. The following are some of those contributions:

Most of the staff are hired from areas that are adjacent to its projects.

Roads are constructed and maintained at the company’s expense, to make them safer for its operations and for all other users (local residents, travellers, etc.).

We carry out the projects needed by residents in adjacent areas (football pitches, transport and delivery of topsoil to farmers, water supply and irrigation pipes, etc.).

We also offer subsidies, sponsorships, donations, etc.

The staff employed by METE SA includes seasoned mining and metallurgical engineers and chemical engineers with great experience of the conditions and characteristics associated with the operation of lignite mines in the Prefecture of Florina, such as Vevi, Achlada and  Vegora mines.  The company also employs a team of economists and has a well-organised legal department.

All company staff are experienced and perfectly acquainted with the nature of the tasks required to implement the projects undertaken, as it consists of employees who have been working for the company for many years (since 1986) as well as a large number of workers with great experience in the operation of lignite mines in the Macedonia region. Currently, the company employs more than 70 staff on a full-time basis, and, including its partners (subcontractors), it employs more than 250 people in its projects in the Prefectures of Florina and Kozani.